Wool Carpet Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and cleaning of a wool or wool mix carpet will most definitely increase the lifespan and improve its good appearance. Wool carpets are very expensive, as we all know, and not looking after them defeats the object of having them in the first place! If you are not so bothered then consider synthetic. […]

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning is something we can all do and without professional equipment. It just takes a little knowledge and planning. Preparation is crucial for a good outcome and using the correct tools for the job makes life so much easier. Treat your carpets as you would washing your clothes. Think of the basic cycle of […]


Carpet Cleaning Prices for Cambridge

Cambridge is a university city approximately 50 miles north of London. A population of about 125,000 with 25,000 students. Famous for world-class universities, stunning architecture and plenty of cyclists. The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. Cambridge now boasts high technology with industries in software and bioscience. Over 40% of the working population has […]

Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning

Unfortunately the old “Bait and Switch” scam exists in the carpet cleaning industry and well as many other industries. It’s been around as long as carpet cleaning itself and customers looking to get their carpets cleaned need to beware! A simple job that costs a few quid can end up costing hundreds. Who is at […]

Carpet Fleas No Pets! How to Get Rid Once and for All

So how on earth do you have fleas if you have no pets? Well it happens simply by you or someone you know being the mode of transport. Yes – they attach to humans and set up shop in your carpets. What can you do……? Declare War On Fleas Are your carpets soiled? If so […]


Why Carpet Cleaning Machine Maintenance is so Important

Getting a professional result from carpet cleaning is not all about the equipment but it is very important. Poor equipment – poor result! The type of equipment is crucial. Commercial or industrial equipment, for carpet cleaning as a business, is a must. Carpet cleaners, made for home use, would fail within a few weeks because they would […]