End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

East Anglia Carpet Cleaning specialises in end of tenancy carpet cleaning. We  understand that it is important to leave the carpets in a good state for the tenant and the home owner, whilst working hard to provide the best service at realistic prices. We do a full deep clean and our work is guaranteed. Don’t risk losing your deposit! If you’ve had animals in your rented property we can provide sanitisation, hair removal and pest control services (de-infestation). Prices have been reduced for end of tenancy customers.


East Anglia Carpet Cleaning has a qualified and licensed Textile Insect Pest technician. Always make sure you use a professional to eradicate pests that damage carpets, textiles and cause bites, allergies and rashes to humans. Don’t risk your deposit! We use a potent and professional insecticide that kills fleas, carpet moths, carpet beetles and other carpet damaging insects. Also kills eggs, larvae and pupae. Remains active for up to 4 months. Certificate on completion.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Requirements

Most estate agents and letting agents (also landlords) now require carpets to be professional cleaned at the end of tenancy. This will be stated in your contract. Hiring a carpet cleaning machine and doing the work yourself is not usually permitted. Professional cleaning with proof of the work carried out is a must in these cases. We provide a certificate which will list our work and also we can also list services for de-infestation (fumigation) when you have had pets in the rented property. More Information

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