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East Anglia Carpet Cleaning offers a professional service with guaranteed results. Our high powered machines inject carpet cleaning solution deep into the pile and then extract almost as much out. The result is carpets that are clean and fresh with minimal disruption to your home or business. Carpets dry quickly when aided with good ventilation and a warm temperature or even quicker with TURBO DRY.

That’s not simply it! We fully prep your carpets before the final rinse and extraction with a unique process that works.
East Anglia Carpet Cleaning combines hot water extraction (commonly known as steam clean) with rotary carpet cleaning for fantastic results. Most carpet cleaning companies only use one method!

  1. Thorough Vacuum with high power rotary brush head
  2. Pre-Spray with Oxi-Boost Detergent and traffic lane cleaner
  3. Rotary Shampoo & Groom that works deep down
  4. Rotary Bonnet Pad (if needed to help remove heavy stains and soil)
  5. Stain Removal & Spot Cleaning treatment
  6. Edges are sprayed and brushed to help remove debris and air filtration marks
  7. Carpet is left to Dwell for about 10-15 minutes (to break down dirt & stains)
  8. Then we rinse the carpet and extract at the same time with commercial carpet cleaner
  9. Our rinse contains a pleasant smelling bactericidal deodoriser


There are plenty of “Splash & Dash” cheap carpet cleaners who will either leave your carpets soaking wet or hardly cleaned. The chances are you carpets will be ruined! Don’t risk thousands of pounds! Chances are they will up the price anyway and still do a bad job.

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