Turbo Dry


No Shrink, No Stink, Made You Think!

Imagine Walking On Your Carpets After Cleaning

Our massive Turbo Dryers leave carpets almost dry and in some cases completely dry. This means you can use your home and carpets after cleaning. Turbo dryers leave your home completely aired out.

Carpets that are left too wet can cause dampness and condensation in homes and buildings. Wet carpets can start to smell and attract mould. Wet carpets can shrink! Wet carpets can draw up dirt and stain from the surface below, such as wooden floor boards or from some carpet backings.

DON’T RISK IT. Use East Anglia Carpet Cleaning and get your carpets TURBO DRIED. See our Prices

Please Note:

We cannot guarantee all carpets will be completely dry as different fibres, piles and property conditions vary. Always make sure you have adequate ventilation after cleaning and heat when cold or damp. Some carpets can take several hours to completely dry out.


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