Carpet and Textile Protector

We use one of the best stain protectors on the market! Protect Nano is a water based solution of fluoro-chemical nano-particles which cures in air to form a water and oil repellent barrier on porous surfaces. Highly recommended on wool or wool mix carpets and natural fibre textiles and upholstery. The look and feel is unchanged. If forms an invisible barrier.

Protect Nano protects against penetration by oil or water based contaminants making cleaning of surfaces very easy – most stains can simply be wiped or mopped away. The protection is long lasting. Best applied on new or cleaned surfaces.

We see cases of permanent staining on a daily basis! Don’t be one of them.

Carpet Protector Price

We absolutely apply the protection according to the manufacturers specifications. Failure to do this will actually decrease the protection ability. Beware of inferior products and rogue companies that will either skimp on the product or not apply it at all. We also offer a 12 month guarantee that the protector will work. Price for carpets is £3.00 per square metre. Simply measure the length and width of the carpet. Length x width = square metres.

Please contact us if you require a quotation for rugs, curtains, textiles, upholstery.

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