Carpet Odour Removal

Don't bin your carpets just yet

Carpet odours can be a real problem in your home. Urine, vomit, illness or drink spillage can easily penetrate through the carpet backing and into the underlay, and even to floor! The best solution is extraction with a sub floor extraction tool that can suck up the cause of the odour deep down. Carpet cleaning alone will not remove odour that has penetrated beneath the carpet backing.

We use a safe deodourising antimicrobial product, with residual properties, which actually eliminates the contaminants rather than just masking.

How We Remove the Odour

We treat the floor, underlay and carpet, without the need for the carpet to be removed. The problem area is saturated with a professional odour neutraliser. We then extract it with a sub floor extraction tool. Finally the carpet is steam cleaned and deodorised one more time. The product is left in to dry. Job done! Smell gone! See also Xtreme Enzyme Carpet Cleaning

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