Carpet Odours & Stains


Had many different carpet cleaning companies – this one’s beaten them all on excellent cleaning & excellent service – you’ve done an awesome job so efficiently & so respectfully without any feeling of intrusion – Many thanks!

Our carpet cleaning process eliminates odours caused by pets, humans, food, drink and general dirt. We successfully remove most stains but there are some stains that can be permanent and no amount of cleaning or specialist stain removal will shift them! We carry a wide range of professional stain removal products so if it can come out then we can do it.

When we clean carpets we extract the dirt, odours and stains by injecting detergent at high pressure and extracting the dirt at the same time. The result is a clean carpet that is slightly moist to touch. Drying is very quick. Unlike some carpet cleaners we extract all the dirt! We work on the carpet until it is clean. The pile on the carpet lifts and the look is as new on many jobs that we’ve done. Our carpet cleaning detergent is one of the best and it contains optical brighteners and a fresh lemon fragrance.

All Carpets Get the 7 Stage Process

  1. Thorough Vacuum of carpet with commercial machine
  2. Pre-spray of the carpet to break down the soiling
  3. Spot cleaning and stain removal with specialist products
  4. Carpet shampoo to lift the pile and dirt plus work in the oxi-boost detergent
  5. Extraction spray cleaning with Commercial Machine (we clean each carpet twice or more)
  6. Final rinse and extra vacuuming to remove detergent and leave the carpet with a safe pH
  7. Last stage is the application of a Bactericidal Deodoriser (eliminates odours and bacteria caused by pets, urine, faeces, vomit, smoke and foodstuffs)


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