Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

You should read this as it might help you find a reliable and professional carpet cleaning company.

If you are in East Anglia then I hope you will choose us. If not then read on…..
I have heard many real horror stories from previous clients. A lady turned up with a small machine in a pram! A man turned up with a Rug Doctor. Carpets left soaking for days and they shrunk. Carpets left dirty and smelling. Carpet shrunk and the person that cleaned it said “claim on your insurance” – the list goes on…….

There are Cowboys

Yeee Ha! I love a good western but you don’t want one cleaning your carpets. If you are a budget shopper then beware. Price is important but you get what you pay for in this life. Can you afford to replace your carpets? Lesson number 1.

Ask Questions

What sort of machine do you use? Is it a commercial carpet cleaning machine? Does it have at least 2 vacuum motors? Are you insured? Do you have reviews? Are you qualified? Do you offer any guarantee? How long will my carpets take to dry? Do you agitate the carpets? Do you move furniture? Can you explain the entire process? How many workers will be attending?…… Lesson number 2.

Research the Carpet Cleaning Company

Google a few carpet cleaners who cover your area. Try and find reviews. Get a price! See how long they have been in business. Try other search engines to as results can vary. Compare! Lesson number 3.

Look for Carpet Cleaning Pictures

A picture tells a lot about the clean! If the website contains images that are not their own then move on. A good carpet cleaner will always show off their work. Before and after pics works for me. Lesson number 4.

Don’t be Bullied or Pressured by Sales Tactics

There are some companies that will try to use pressure tactics or powers of persuasion and you might be bullied into shopping no further. “We are the only qualified carpet cleaning company for 50 miles”. “We rinse the carpets and check the PH – no other company does”. “Have you watched Rogue Traders lately?” “Your carpets will shrink if you don’t use us”. All tactics to get you hooked. BEWARE! You’re an adult and you can decide for yourself. If they use these tactics are they desperate? Lesson number 5.

The Good News

There are, fortunately, many professional carpet cleaning businesses out there. Most carpet cleaners are good at what they do and care! I know because I’m like that and judging by the carpet cleaning forums most carpet cleaners are very conscientious. YES! – there is a carpet cleaning forum, believe it or not. In fact there are many worldwide.

One last tip – if you are not happy with a carpet cleaners work then say so on the day. They will help put it right.

Good luck and I hope you find the best.

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