Emergency Carpet Cleaning


24 Hour Response – Tel: 0800 0016529 or  Mobile: 07447 417529

Accidents happen! If you spill a drink, drop food, or your carpets are subjected to vomit, urine, blood, flood, etc, etc, then call us immediately. Time is a major factor in successfully removing the stain. Wool and wool mix carpets are particularly vulnerable to permanent damage.

We treat the stain and then extract it. Many people try to remove stains with shop bought products and nine times out of ten the carpet is permanently bleached. Some people rub the stain and this damages the fibres. You end up with a mess! Carpets are expensive so call the experts.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Charges

We charge £120 and this covers the call out and the first hour. Additional hours are charged at £20. We have a high success rate with removing stains, spills, floods, etc, but there is no guarantee as stains can set in permanently, depending on the carpet fibre. We carry many professional chemicals that tackle even the most difficult of stain. If we cannot remove it then nobody can.

Areas We Cover

We cover most areas in East Anglia including Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Colchester.

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