Look What You Get


Sometimes people call us and say that they have been offered a cheaper quote. STOP & COMPARE. Not all carpet cleaners are the same! Look what we offer as standard;

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  • We use safe professional detergents, oxy booster and stain removers.
  • We shampoo the carpets before extraction with a rotary brush. Essential for a deep clean. more info
  • We use a very powerful carpet cleaning machine. Essential to rinse and extract the dirt and solution. more info
  • We use a Turbo Dryer to leave the carpets almost dry! In some cases completely dry. No shrink. No stink. more info
  • We offer specialised services like odour removal. Essential for properties with pets or accidents. Normally included in the price. more info
  • We offer a professional insecticide spray service. We are licensed by law. more info


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