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Mattress Cleaning

YOUR MATTRESS can be a toxic breeding ground. Say goodbye to dust mites, bedbugs, odours and unsightly stains.

Stain Protector

We use one of the best stain protectors on the market! Protect Nano is a water based solution of fluoro-chemical....

Upholstery Cleaning

East Anglia Carpet Cleaning also offers professional upholstery cleaning. We use an important piece of kit that ensures....

Carpet Insecticide

We are qualified by law to use insecticide that is not available to the general public. We can safely conduct insect pest control....

Rug Cleaning

At East Anglia Carpet Cleaning we also specialise in Rug Cleaning. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes with thousands....

House Cleaning

Moving out? Need your rental property cleaned? Want your deposit back? Do you need a thorough cleaning service....

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