Carpet Beetle, Moth, Fleas and Textile Pests

"Most residual and aerosol insecticides which are sold for use in household situations are rarely effective or appropriate for use on infested objects"

We are Licensed Textile Insect Pest Technicians & Do The Same Treatment as Pest Control Companies

We are qualified by law to use insecticide that is not available to the general public. We can safely conduct insect pest control and effectively destroycertified

  • Beetles
  • Moths
  • Fleas
  • Mites
  • Ants
  • Lice
  • Flies
  • Wasps
  • Weevils
  • Bedbugs
  • Cockroaches

Don't ever underestimate carpet and textile pests! The most popular and worse are the varied carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci), the case-bearing clothes moth (Tinea pellionella) and the common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella). These can cause massive destruction and in a short space of time.

The worse case I ever saw was a town house in Colchester, Essex. All the carpets were heavily infested with moth larvae. Some of the carpets were literally down to the backing. The only course of action was to dispose of all the carpets and underlay and then fumigate the house. The damage ran into £5000+ and the house was only 2 years old.

Let's not forget fleas. They can breed rapidly and cause pets and humans real discomfort. Have you ever tried to get rid of them? Not easy! The adults feed on blood and the flea larvae feed on organic matter, such as debris in your carpets.

Demand CS Insecticide

We now use Demand CS insecticide (professional use only). Demand CS is a water-based insecticide (non staining) concentrate that offers excellent indoor and outdoor pest control. Demand's micro-encapsulated technology means that when you apply it, it leaves thousands of micro particles that bind to the surface offering long-term protection and fast insect knock-down. In fact, Demand CS is up to 200 times more active. Demand CS controls more than 30 common insects including spiders, ants, flies, wasps, fleas, carpet beetle, moths, ticks and bed bugs. Works for up to 4 months!

We recommend that carpets are cleaned before the insecticide is sprayed. If the carpets are in a good clean condition then cleaning is not essential and we can simply vacuum before application. All our work is guaranteed. We can also treat properties without carpets.

Please note that heavy infestations may require more than 1 visit.

Flea Infestations

Fleas Hate Cimetrol Super

We now use Cimetrol Super for flea infestations. It is very effective and has a fast knock-down. Contains 25% cypermethrin, 10% tetramethrin, 20% piperonyl butoxide, 1% pyriproxyfen.

Do you have a property with a flea infestation? Look no further as we can provide a full fumigation service. This normally requires 2 visits. We use professional products that offer fast knock-down and continued protection against the flea life cycle. We spray Cimetrol Super insecticide, Perbio Choc, and we use fumigators to cover all areas. Guaranteed results! Prices vary according to the infestation and size of property. Please contact us for a price.

Moth Infestations

Moths are thriving because of improved living conditions in the UK. We have the common clothes Moths, case bearing clothes moth, brown house moth and the white shouldered house moth. Moths do not actually eat fabric but the larvae do! If you notice moths or larvae in the home and damage to clothes, fabrics and carpets then you probably have an infestation. Call us before you suffer considerable damage from these textile pests. They breed rapidly.

Area We Cover

Most of East Anglia including all of Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. We also cover Essex and London for larger jobs. We will try to beat any genuine quote!

Signs of Textile Insect Pests

The most common signs are damage to carpets that resemble bald patches. You may also find larvae, eggs and see the insects. Bites, rashes and itching are common signs of fleas.

Images below: Case bearing moth larvae on a rug that has perfect breeding grounds because of soil, debris and pet urine. Look at the damage (right image) if left untreated! We thoroughly cleaned this rug, dried it and then sprayed with a pyrethroid insecticide on both sides.


End of Tenancy with Pets

Most letting agents now require all carpets are professionally cleaned and an insecticide applied when a tenant has had pets in the property. Even if the agent doesn't require the insecticide we recommend it because if they discover insect pests or signs of damage caused by pests then you could be liable! East Anglia Carpet Cleaning provides a certificate with our license number. Click Here for sample.

Why Use Us?

We are fully qualified and licensed to use insecticide and part of our work (as required by law). We do this type of work all the time because of end of tenancy contract requirements with pets. East Anglia Carpet Cleaning has treated hundreds of properties with fleas, carpet moth, carpet beetle, etc. I must point out, SUCCESSFULLY. We guarantee our work. The insecticide we use is second to none. Our prices compared to pest control companies are much lower. Our insecticide remains active for many months and therefore carries on working! Products available online are far less potent and more likely to waste your money and not work.

Qualified Insect Pest Controller


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