Xtreme Carpet Cleaning


Odours & Stench, Urine, Vomit, Heavy Soiling, Staining

A powerful enzyme carpet cleaning service. What we sometimes call a restorative clean. Extremely effective on odours, urine, sick, vomit, faeces, blood, wine, tea, coffee, grease and heavy soiling. In most cases we can turn condemned carpets back to life!

Our Enzyme Cleaner of Choice

Chemspec Enz All – One of the most powerful enzymes in the industry, formulated to deal with the toughest protein, oily or heavy duty ground in soil – including tea, coffee, wine, with preparatory cleaning for vomit, sickness, urine and illness, all food spillages etc.

A hugely successful and effective “problem solver” in especially challenging and contaminated (esp. protein) circumstances.

Look what can be achieved


Xtreme Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Process


  • Thorough Vacuum of carpet with commercial machine
  • Pre-spray of the carpet with Enzyme Treatment
  • Spot cleaning and stain removal with specialist products
  • Rotary shampoo to lift the pile and dirt plus work in the enzyme cleaner
  • Extraction spray cleaning with Commercial Machine (we clean each carpet twice or more)
  • Final Rinse to neutralise detergent and leave the carpet with a safe pH
  • Application of a Bactericidal Deodoriser
  • Finally we Turbo Dry the carpets
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