It is called our Gold Carpet Cleaning service for a reason! A thorough deep clean, with 2 different machines. What separates us from the competition is the way we clean. We don’t just run a carpet cleaner over and hope for the best, then on to the next job! 

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High Powered Heated Steam - High Powered Vacuums

We use at least an 8+ stage process which involves a thorough vacuum, pre-spraying the carpet, leaving it to work for 10-15 minutes, spot cleaning stains and edges, shampooing the carpet with a rotary brush and oxi-boosted detergent. Then we finally run the commercial carpet cleaner over to spray and extract! The final result is a clean, hygienically clean and deodorised carpet, that will stay clean for longer!


8 Stage Carpet Cleaning Process;

  1. Thorough Vacuum of carpet with commercial machine
  2. Pre-spray of the carpet to break down the soiling
  3. Spot cleaning and stain removal with specialist products
  4. Carpet shampoo to agitate oxi-boosted detergent with rotary brush
  5. Carpet bonnet clean with rotary pad to lift dirt and pile
  6. Extraction spray cleaning with Commercial Machine (we clean each carpet twice or more)
  7. Final rinse and extra vacuuming to remove detergent and leave the carpet with a safe pH
  8. Application of a Bactericidal Deodoriser (eliminates odours and bacteria caused by pets, urine, faeces, vomit, smoke and foodstuffs)
  9. (Optional) Licensed Technician Insecticide Spray. Effectively kills carpet damaging insects and insects that cause pets and humans real discomfort. Fleas, ticks, carpet moths, carpet beetles and most flying and crawling insects. Also kills eggs, larvae and pupae. Remains active for up to 12 months. Ideal for end of tenancy. Comes with certificate.


There are plenty of "Splash & Dash" cheap carpet cleaners who will either leave your carpets soaking wet or hardly cleaned. The chances are you carpets will be ruined! Don't risk thousands of pounds! Chances are they will up the price anyway and still do a bad job.


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