How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet


This is quite a common problem and most people fear that blood in a carpet is game over! Well fear not because we have successfully removed large spills of blood from many types of different carpets. These include pure wool, wool mix and synthetic carpets and rugs. Yes this also includes light coloured like white or cream. The blood has always dried by the time we are called out. Remember to always protect yourself with gloves and protective eyewear. Remember the best way is extraction with a machine. Keep extracting until the blood is removed.

What Can I do To Remove Blood

If the spill is fresh or dried then calm down and read on! Get a spray bottle and empty the contents. Flush with cold water and then fill with clean COLD WATER. Do not use hot as this will set the stain, as will using some shop bought stain removers. Spray the area where the blood is. Give it a good soak but do not flood the area. Allow the water to soak in for 10 minutes. Spay some more water on and then extract with a carpet cleaner. If possible use the hand tool or stair tool. Go over it a few times with dry strokes. Then a couple more times with the trigger (solution on) press down. Use cold water in the carpet cleaner with a neutral carpet cleaning detergent. If you do not have a machine then either consider buying one or hiring one. The alternative is to blot with towels but this will not work well with large spills but consider doing this until you get a machine.

Ammonia Solution

An ammonia solution will help with blood stains. Mix 5 ml of household ammonia with 250 ml cold water. Put in a spray bottle and treat the area. Wait 5 minutes and extract with carpet cleaner and fresh cold water. Do not keep going over the area as you will over wet it. The safest way is to do 2 wet passes followed by 3-4 dry passes. Do not use on wool carpets!

Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium Percarbonate is very good at removing stains, including blood, from all types of carpets. Some say do not use on wool but it is safe (and colour safe) in small amounts. Mix 2 teaspoons of sodium percarbonate with 500 ml of hot (not boiling) water until dissolved. Allow to cool. Spray the area and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse will carpet cleaner and cold water.

Carpet Enzyme Cleaner and Stain Remover

We are using professional enzyme cleaners more and more just lately. They work great on blood, vomit, urine and feces. Simply mix the powder with hot water and allow to cool. Spray area and allow to work for about 10 minutes. Extract with carpet cleaner and cold water. Safe to use on most carpets and rugs.

Enzyme is a protein that speeds up the chemical reaction. Enzymes react with and break up stains that are made of protein. Another property of enzymatic action is that it is a natural organic odor eliminator because it quickly and efficiently reduces complex odors into simple compounds.

Acid Carpet Rinse

An acid carpet rinse is very useful for when you finish. An acid rinse is safe on most carpets. It neutralises detergents and stain removers and also will help to stop the carpet turning brown. Don’t be scared of the word acid as it is a very mild acid, like vinegar, formulated for all types of carpet and rugs.

How To Purchase Online

The internet is full of stain removers to buy. Unfortunately it is often very confusing. We can supply all of the products above, including specialised like the Sodium Percarbonate, Enzyme Cleaner & Acid Rinse, that are professional strength. We will also supply full instructions on how to successfully remove the blood. Next day delivery is not a problem. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. You only have to purchase what you need and these products are tried and tested by us! Beware of some stain removers on the market as they will bleach your carpet.

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