East Anglia Carpet Cleaning combines hot water extraction (commonly known as steam clean) with rotary carpet cleaning for fantastic results. Most carpet cleaning companies only use one method!

Airflex Pro Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Our NEW carpet cleaning machines inject detergent into the carpet (up to 600psi) and extract the dirty water at the same time. No need for hot water at the premises as it has a heater that provides instant, temperature controlled hot water (crucial for a professional clean). The high powered 3 stage motors (3 of them) leave the carpets as dry as possible with awesome vacuum performance. This really is a serious piece of kit that costs thousands of pounds. The results are impressive. Beware of cheap carpet cleaners that use inferior machines that are not classed as commercial.


We regularly service our machines (at our premises) and replace crucial parts like vacuum motors and solution pumps. These parts can wear quickly and lose power. Loss of power and faulty parts can significantly affect the performance and therefore the carpet cleaning result.

Numatic Rotary Carpet Cleaner



This machine rotates at 150 rpm which is perfect for carpets. It can be used with the brush or pad to groom carpets and therefore helps to release soil and stains, human & pet hair, sock fluff, and lift the pile. The carpet brush is especially made for the job with soft bristles. The rotary machine can be used with carpet bonnet pads that are perfect to help clean domestic and commercial carpets, in conjunction with professional pre-sprays and bonnet cleaning solutions. We normally use this machine with our commercial carpet steam cleaner for double the clean!

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