Rug Cleaning

At East Anglia Carpet Cleaning we also specialise in Rug Cleaning. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes with thousands of variations, colours, weaves, and fibres. So if you have a Persian, Chinese, Indian, or modern – then we can help and advise on the best cleaning methods.

Rug cleaning pricing is really dependant on the type of rug, what it is made of, age and construction. A rough guide is about £7.50 per square metre for traditional rugs and £5.00 per square metre for modern rugs. Width x length = square metres. We clean rugs at your home.


Rug Cleaning Process

Thorough vacuum to remove loose soil and debris

We test the rug for colourfastness

Stain treatment (some stains can be permanent)

Pre-spray with specialist detergents and solutions

Rotary shampoo and bonnet pad clean

Hot water extraction (if fibres allow for wet clean)

Final rinse and extra drying process


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