Why Carpet Cleaning Machine Maintenance is so Important

Getting a professional result from carpet cleaning is not all about the equipment but it is very important. Poor equipment – poor result! The type of equipment is crucial. Commercial or industrial equipment, for carpet cleaning as a business, is a must. Carpet cleaners, made for home use, would fail within a few weeks because they would be under such stress. Not to forget that they just ain’t powerful enough. Do so-called professionals use them? They sure do!

How Can Poor Maintenance Affect Me?

Carpet cleaning machines and associated equipment work many hours each day. They are under huge stress. We are dealing with lint, grit, soil, and sometimes things like nails and staples. Machines get hot, motors get hot and WE GET HOT!!!

Vacuum Motors

The vacuum motors, and pro machines have more than 1, get really hot and are under huge load. They lose power over time and sometimes it’s hard to notice the gradual loss. If water is sucked through the vacuum motors, or foam, then they can fail quite quickly.

They are quite expensive and can cost from £100-£250, on average. Their life is from 500 hours to 1500 hours, depending on the exact model. The most popular motor lasts about 500 hours.

Most carpet cleaning machines do not have an hour counter so it’s really difficult to know when to change the vacuums. The last thing you want is a failure on a job.


Carpet Cleaning Pumps

Like the vacuum motors, they work hard, are under huge stress, and they get hot. Pumps need maintenance on a regular basis. Some pumps have carbon brushes that need changing and parts like valves and o rings, etc. The pump on our machine has a drive motor and pump-head. The actual motor needs no maintenance but we have to re-build the pump-head on a regular basis.

Associated with some pumps, like on our Airflex Pro, is a regulator. This regulates the pump pressure. It needs re-building every time the pump-head is serviced. There is a bearing that drives the pump-head. This should also be replaced.

A new pump-head will set you back over £200. If you buy it with a motor it will cost over £400.

Carpet Cleaning Machine Hoses & Cuffs

Hoses come in different sizes, normally 25ft and 50ft. 1.5 inch and 2 inch diameter are the norm. They are joined by barbed connectors and cuffs.

They are pretty robust and take a large amount of punishment. Maintenance is quite low but they need to be checked for leaks, worn cuffs and connectors.

Hoses play an important role in carpet cleaning as they carry away the dirty water and soil. Air flow and suction is helped by the diameter of the hose and the length.

Blockages are rare. Daily suction of clean water keeps them clear and clean.


Carpet Cleaning Solution Hose

These are also robust and need little maintenance. On each end is a male and female quick connector that connects the wand and the hose to the machine. They are manufactured for high pressure.

We need to check for leaks and wear on the connectors. The quick connectors need lubricating each week with a silicone grease or oil.



Did I Get Off the Subject?

I could go on all day about the parts and maintenance!!! My wife will testify to that. Anyway, I have given a small selection of parts that need servicing, regularly, JUST for the hot water extraction machine. There are many more! Then let’s not forget about the rotary cleaner, the vacuum cleaner, pump up spray bottle, and so on……

There is daily maintenance here for sure. If it’s not done then the customer will suffer because of equipment that is not working correctly. Your carpets will not be cleaned to their full potential. The carpet cleaning company are letting you down.

Always ask if a carpet cleaner maintains their own equipment. This is important because if they are not technical they rely on repairs by another company – It is so easy to put it off for another day. Note the word “repairs”. Preventative maintenance is what I practise. The cost is a consideration but not the driving force when it comes to looking after my equipment. I do invest back into my business.

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