Why We Love Carpet Cleaning (and you should too!)

Carpet Cleaning is Boring –

I hear you say. Well it’s not as boring as you think! From my point of view the science and technology, that makes it all work, is really quite involved and interesting. Until I started carpet cleaning I never really thought about the process of cleaning and the science behind it. Words like surfactants, detergent, solvent, encapsulate, anionic, alkaline, just to name a few – meant nothing to me! Thank God for the internet.

The Need to Evolve ….

New methods, products and equipment are being introduced all the time. To become a good carpet cleaner you must evolve otherwise you are left behind. This is the same in any industry. I am always ready to learn new ideas and try new products. I also love the technical side with repairing and even modifying equipment to suit our business needs. Trust me it’s important to be hands on with repairs because poorly maintained machines give poor results. If your vacuums are not at peak performance then carpets can be left too wet and we don’t want that!!!

Carpets are also evolving to meet the demands of modern life. Manufacturing techniques and fibre composition are varied throughout the world. Traditional and super modern, cheap and expensive, hard wearing, residential & commercial, natural fibre etc, etc…. Thousands and thousands of different brands, styles and colours. One thing hasn’t changed – they still need cleaning!

Always a New challenge

We’ve seen it all. Many types of carpets in many different stages of condition and soiling – not forgetting stains that we have to play detective with. We probably look at a filthy carpets in dispare….well just sometimes, but with a little hard work and skill the carpet is transformed. It’s a satisfying feeling. We actually prefer really dirty carpets because it is a challenge and it’s always nice to get something clean. Even better is to see the customer happy.

Why You Should Love Our Carpet Cleaning

  1. We are a small family business that takes great pride in our equipment and work
  2. We deep clean carpets and do not just skim over to do a top clean (which will not stay clean for long)
  3. Before we steam clean we agitate the carpet with a rotary brush and if needed a bonnet pad
  4. We rinse carpets free of detergent and any stain removers so they will not resoil prematurely
  5. We leave the carpets smelling wonderful with our own brand of carpet freshner & deodoriser
  6. We do not leave carpets soaking wet (which can shrink and stink)
  7. We turbo dry the carpets (not end of tenancy) with a heated blower
  8. We are fully insured and responsible for total care of your property

So there it is. Not just words but a mission statement for great carpet cleaning and customer service. This is why our customers use us time and time again and this is why we would love you to choose us. Price is important but more important is how your carpets are treated! An old saying – “You get what you pay for”……….

your carpets are our business

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