Carpet Cleaning Helps Asthma Sufferers


I’m certainly not a medical expert but I do know that carpets act as a filter. When we clean them the amount of soil, grit, dust, fluff, hair, etc, is unbelievable. Pile depth and fibre construction plays an important part in trapping the particles. A deeper pile will certainly filter more than a carpet with very little pile. Over time some carpets will develop black marks along the edges. These are actually filtration marks, commonly mistaken for dirty edges because the owner has not vacuumed properly. What we do know is that most carpets filter the air we breathe.

Hard Floors are Back

Hard floors are the trend lately. A large selection of tiles, stone, real wood and laminate has inspired the DIY enthusiast. Let’s face it they do look good and are easy to clean. Most homes have a mixture of carpeted areas and hard floors.

There is a price to pay! They collect skin cells, dust, hair, grit, soil, etc, very quickly. Most of these particles are in the air we breathe and are soon whipped up into the atmosphere by air movement. Pets are large contributors. So are us humans. We shed about a MILLION skin cells in a 24 hour period. Wow! And most of this is trapped in your carpets. Do the math. It makes sense to carpet your home if your suffer from Asthma or allergies.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

As a homeowner you should regularly vacuum your carpets. This will remove up to 50% or more of the particles that are tracked into the carpet. A quality vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush bar is important. You should vacuum north to south and then east to west. Regular vacuuming will remove surface soil and particles but deep down is where the problem lies.

Eventually the soil and particles make their way deep into the pile. The only way to remove the deep down dirt is carpet cleaning, preferably by hot water extraction (steam clean). Water is a universal solvent and will carry and dissolve the dirt and grime deep down in your carpets. Suction removes the dirty water. Once dry your carpets will vacuum so much easier and will look, feel and smell clean! We recommend at least every 12-18 months or even sooner for homes with pets and large families. Basically you have emptied the filter through carpet cleaning.


Carpets do filter the air we breathe. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning maintains the filter. Carpets are either a benefit or a hazard depending on how they are looked after. Hard floors, unless cleaned daily, attract particles that are a problem to people with asthma and allergies. One must look at the advantages and disadvantages of both but carpeting your floors should be given greater consideration if your health is at risk.

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