Carpet Pet Hair Removal

It’s like fighting a losing battle. I have 2 small dogs and I feel hard done by! I imagine you people with huge hairy dogs must need the Prozac. “It’s a nightmare”. Then the hair decides to embed itself in the carpet, getting deeper and deeper. Before you know it your house smells all doggy.

Decent Vacuum Cleaner

Firstly you need a good vacuum cleaner with a brush bar that rotates. Now you can be sucked (forgive the pun) into buying these smart-looking animal type vacuums, that cost an arm and a leg, or buy a Henry with the Airo Brush. This is what we use as professional carpet cleaners, the vacuum being the commercial Henry (Numatic). Much cheaper and will last a lifetime. These smart-looking vacuums, you know the ones, do not last more than a few years – in my experience. The Henry will do the same job, if not better! If you are going to take the plunge then buy a commercial Numatic (Henry). If you don’t like Henry then try a commercial Sebo.

Manual Brushing

Make sure to vacuum first! Get a carpet grooming brush or stiff broom. Slightly mist the carpets with some clean water, just enough to slightly dampen the top. Brush away and pull the hair up! Keep brushing until the hair is all removed. You can put some essential oils in the water and shake. Here you have a carpet deodoriser. Don’t forget to shake before each spray. We make our own sprays with water, essential or fragrance oil and a little alcohol. Makes the room smell amazing. Once the carpet is bone dry you can re-vacuum.

Dog Grooming

I probably should have put this step first. Brush your dog! Shampoo and rinse your dog! Obviously this will help with the amount of hair that finds it’s way into your home. If you can’t be bothered then hire a dog groomer. It will help massively. Your dog and home will smell better for it. Your dog will feel pampered.

A Lot of Hair Removal Tools on the Net

Put in carpet hair removal on Google and you will be bombarded with tools to buy. Some of the rubber type brushes are quite good but you can’t beat a good old brush. If you are looking for something professional then have a look at this Carpet Pile Brush. When all else fails we always get out the carpet brush. Pulls hair up like no tomorrow! Don’t forget to mist the carpet first! Pull the hair from the brush as you go.

Carpet Cleaning

Always a good idea to start fresh and give the carpets a good clean and at the same time pull out the pet hair. Here’s the best way to do it;

  1. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly
  2. Make a up your detergent in a pump up sprayer and spray the carpet you are cleaning (you will need about 1-2 litres per carpet, depending on size). Short pile carpets require less spray, deep pile require more. Wet carpet but do not soak!
  3. Brush the carpet with a carpet pile brush and spray as you go to help work the detergent in and remove hair
  4. Fill your carpet cleaning machine with clean water only! This will rinse the carpet clean and remove hair
  5. Clean the carpet with your machine making sure for every wet stroke you do a drying stroke with solution OFF
  6. Dry carpets by opening windows and doors. Add heat if needed
  7. Vacuum carpets the next day to remove any remaining hair

Happy Hair Removal

Follow my tips and you will be successful. Your carpets will feel much better and smell clean. Your home will smell fresh. Last tip is do not forget hard floors. They collect hair too!

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Carpet Pet Hair Removal
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Carpet Pet Hair Removal
It's like fighting a losing battle. I have 2 small dogs and I feel hard done by! I imagine you people with huge hairy dogs must need the Prozac. "It's a nightmare".
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  1. sam on October 20, 2017 at 9:50 am

    I’ve just bought a new house and i want to use carpet in my home but i have 2 dogs so it’s really good to read this. Appreaciate it

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