Preparing Your Home for Carpet Cleaning

You’ve done your research and chosen a carpet cleaning company. There are ways to get the most out of your clean and even improve the results. It involves a little planning and a bit of common sense. If you help your carpet cleaner then chances are they will work harder for you. This equals a good result!

Check out these tips for cleaner carpets;

  1. Clear access. Carpet cleaners need to park as near to the property as possible and be able to move around the building freely. Large equipment and pipes take up room and are heavy to handle. Keep doorways and hallways clear, including the front door and driveway.
  2. Access to water. Not all carpet cleaners carry water so make sure you have left the kitchen or utility room clear, unnecessary if you have an outside tap. The amount of times we get to a job and the furniture is piled high in the kitchen and bathroom. Not good!
  3. Access to drainage. Not all carpet cleaners carry waste water tanks. Make sure there is a suitable drain or keep the toilet clear.
  4. Room clearance. If you live or work in the building then unclutter all rooms that will have the carpets cleaned. If possible empty the rooms. Trust me you will get more for your bucks. I appreciate it is not always possible but at the least unclutter them.
  5. Furniture that can’t be moved out. Example, a divan bed. Empty the draws and remove them. Take the mattress off. Now we can move the bed. Always empty cupboards, draws, dressers, book shelves, that you want moved. Do not expect large items like pianos to be moved at all.
  6. Hot water. Needed to make up pre-sprays and handy to clean with, even if the carpet cleaner uses a heater. Not always possible, especially if the property is empty.
  7. Vacuum all carpets. Always good practise even if they will be vacuumed again. Crucial for a better result. Don’t simply rely on your carpet cleaner. Some carpet cleaners are good at their job and some are not so good.
  8. Electric sockets. Most carpet cleaning companies, in the UK, use portable electric equipment. Always point out the nearest electric sockets. Make sure they are not in use with other equipment. If you use a pre-paid metre then make sure you have enough credit.
  9. Problems. Point out any problem areas and stains to the carpet cleaner. Remember not all stains can be removed.
  10. Clean floors. Clean all your hard floors either prior to or after the carpet cleaning. Transferring dirt from hard floors to carpets is common especially when damp. Dirt can be transferred with clean feet!
  11. Dry the carpets….As quickly as possible by good ventilation and heat if cold outside. Try not to walk on them or place furniture back until dry.
  12. Vacuum carpets post clean. Vacuuming carpets the next day will remove hair, lint and any loose soil. Not everything gets sucked up.
  13. Put the kettle on! We like a coffee or tea and work that little bit harder when hydrated.


The above points will save your carpet cleaner time, make their job easier and most certainly help towards a deeper clean. We are there to clean carpets, not do the housework. More time to clean equals a deeper and more intensive carpet clean. A happy carpet cleaner is a productive carpet cleaner.

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Preparing Your Home for Carpet Cleaning
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Preparing Your Home for Carpet Cleaning
You've done your research and chosen a carpet cleaning company. There are ways to get the most out of your clean and even improve the results. It involves a little planning and a bit of common sense.
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  1. James Barett on August 30, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Very well written article with complete description on best tips of carpet cleaning.

  2. Margarito on June 27, 2017 at 4:22 am

    Thank for all those tips. Definitely makes the job go way smoother and more enjoyable!

  3. Tom Stevens on June 4, 2017 at 5:19 am

    Great list – I love No.13 – Put the kettle on. A nice cuppa definitely does help!

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