Carpet Repair the Quick Way

Not only is it quick its cheap too, especially if you are renting a property and burnt the carpet! Or maybe you have a permanent stain or bleach mark. There is a solution – cut out the damage and replace with a donor piece of carpet.

There are a few carpet cutters on the market. I have spotted two that work well. A carpet cookie cutter and a carpet circle cutter – for larger pieces.

Carpet Repair List of Items

  • Carpet cookie or circle cutter
  • Spare piece of the same carpet
  • Double sided adhesive sheet or wide carpet tape
  • Carpet Seam Roller (optional)

To find the same carpet then either look for some spare in cupboards, wardrobes, under furniture or contact a carpet supplier.

Carpet Repair Directions

Most carpets have a direction that the pile runs. Make a mental note of this.

So here we go! Centre your cutter over the damage. Simply cut through the carpet but NOT the underlay (padding). Get your spare piece of carpet and turn over so the back is facing you. Cut the same size hole for your repair. Now check it fits correctly.

Cut a piece of double sided tape or sheet the same size as the hole. Peel off the back and insert it in the hole. Tap down. Peel off the top. Insert the new piece of carpet making sure the pile runs the same way. Tap down and roll over the seams or brush to blend in.

Carpets with Patterns or Raised Pile

Simply follow the instructions as before but remember to pattern match your piece. It might be easier to take the damaged cut piece and place this over your new donor piece. Mark it and then centre your cutter.

Here’s a video I found that will also help.

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