Carpet Cleaning Myths

Myths or “old wives” tales. They seem to exist whatever business you are in, carpet cleaning being no exception. We hear them all, but is it stupid or do people really believe them? Can it affect business or do most people shrug it off? Hopefully I can shed some light on the subject.

Once you get your Carpets Cleaned they will need Cleaning all the Time

Absolute tosh!!! What they mean by this is that once a carpet is cleaned, it will always need to be cleaned, as it will re-soil much quicker. I have heard this myth way to many times.

Maybe in the early days of carpet cleaning this might have happened as carpets were shampooed and the detergent left in. Wet shampoos were formulated with coconut oil soap. This caused a sticky residue which attracted dirt.

It’s also true that if incorrect detergents are used or incorrect procedures then this can cause premature re-soiling – but most modern professional carpet cleaning detergents do not cause re-soiling.

Anyway – all carpets need cleaning. The fact that many people do not get their carpets cleaned does not mean you can just leave them. Remember most carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning by hot water extraction. At least every 18 months.

Carpet will take Days to Dry

This is a cowboy special. More of a horror story than a myth. Professional carpet cleaning machines have superior suction, with at lease 2 high powered vacuums, so the chance of this is slim. It’s certainly not the norm. If you choose a professional carpet cleaning company they will leave the carpets damp, not wet.

Never Clean a Wool Carpet

Couldn’t be further from the truth. Wool needs more care than synthetic carpets and will wear so much quicker if not wet cleaned.

Carpets will Shrink if Wet Cleaned

Carpets can shrink if left too wet. Certainly not a rule that they will shrink after a clean. Again leave it to the professionals. An important point is that it’s always advisable to make sure carpets are correctly fitted before cleaning.

Carpets Re-soil Quickly once Cleaned

Only if incorrect detergents are used and only if they are not rinsed away. Most modern detergents for carpet cleaning do not cause sticky residues.

All Carpet Cleaning Companies Clean the Same Way

Definitely not. There are many different procedures and stages. There are some that will literally steam over the top and then there are some that do intensive cleans, for a much deeper clean. Always read the information on each website to see the stages used.

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