How Often Should Commercial Carpet be Cleaned

Commercial carpet is very different to the carpet one would typically see in the home. It feels different. Normally quite course to touch and with no pile. It can be in the form of carpet tiles or on the roll. Made from polyamide, nylon, polyester, polyolefin, even wool, just to name a few ingredients.

It is hard-wearing and very resistant to dirt and stains. Let’s face it – it has to be! Imagine the foot traffic in a busy office. It lasts for years and years and years!!!

Cost of Commercial Carpet

The cost is normally massive. Office space can be very large and commercial carpet comes at a premium price and then there is the cost of installation. This is why you can find it 10, 20, 30+ years of age.

So it stands to reason that most businesses look after their carpet by having it cleaned on a regular basis. NOT! They don’t but should. Why? Must be the cost, but this is a very short-sighted strategy. Regular cleaning will extend the carpet life by years! Regular carpet cleaning will improve the look and feel of the working environment. Regular cleaning saves money.

How often Should Commercial Carpet be Cleaned then?

There is no specific time as many factors have to be taken into consideration. The foot fall is the main factor but also the type of business, location, type of carpet, vacuuming schedule, etc, etc – has to be also taken into account.

An ideal business will have a cleaning schedule for carpet cleaning and an interim clean built-in. So for example a deep clean every 18-24 months (hot water extraction) with a light interim clean (low moisture clean) half way. The office will not only look better but smell better. We know because the water that comes off commercial carpet cleaning is BLACK. Always!

Cost of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How long is a piece of string? All I can say on this topic it is cheaper than domestic carpet cleaning. Larger the area – larger the discount. Most businesses will get several quotes and normally the cheapest wins. Kind reminder guys – cheapest doesn’t always mean value for money! The procedure is very important. Look at ours;

  1. Thorough dry vacuum
  2. Pre-spray with detergent
  3. Agitation with rotary brush
  4. Stain treatment
  5. Hot water extraction (steam clean)
  6. Pure water rinse
  7. Extra drying strokes
  8. Bonnet pad (rotary) to finish and dry


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