Pet Stains, Pet Odours, Carpet Cleaning Methods and Tips

Does this look familiar? We see this almost everyday when out carpet cleaning. It’s a real problem as pet urine can cause considerable damage to carpets. It stains and smells pretty bad. If you leave urine in a wool or wool mix carpet then nine times out of ten it will permanently stain.

Finding Pet Pee

Not all pet pee is visible so here is a very good tip. Buy a cheap UV torch and darken rooms with carpet in. Shine the torch all over the carpet. Hidden pet stains caused by urine will show up. If you are unsure then the best way is to have a little sniff. Locating hidden pet stains is important if you want to improve the smell in your home. Also a hidden pet stain can become permanent stain that will become visible.

How Do I Remove Pet Stains?

If the pet stain is large then the animal might have repeatedly used it as a litter tray. The underlay or padding will also be affected. A carpet that has many stains will almost certainly have an underlay that is soiled. We recommend, in these circumstances, changing the underlay (padding).

Extracting the urine stain from the carpet is very important. The best way is with a carpet cleaning machine and good pre-spray to help neutralise the urine and remove the stain. There are many products on the market and it can be confusing.

Enzyme Pre-Sprays

We have great success with enzyme pre-sprays. Enz-All by Chemspec is in my opinion the best. It will remove the stain (if not permanent) and remove the smell. Works great on urine, faces, vomit, red wine, blood, and much more.

If you cannot afford this or need something in a hurry then biological washing powder contains enzymes. Simply get a spray bottle and add hot water mixed with some washing powder (mixed well). Spray on the stain, allow to work, extract with nothing but clean water in your carpet cleaning machine. Repeat if necessary. NOTE: washing powder is high in PH (Alkaline) and can damage some carpets if not removed.

Permanent Pet Stains

There is NOTHING you can do about permanent stains (visually). BUT….do not just leave them! It is important to neutralise and extract to rid the smell and prevent further damage. A cheap carpet cleaning machine is better than nothing. Pets are less likely to soil if the smell is removed.

Carpet Protection

Important if your carpets contain wool. Carpet protection (example: Scotchgard) will help to protect carpet fibres by coating them in a repelling layer. Carpet protectors should only be applied if the carpet is new or recently cleaned. I recommend you get a carpet cleaning business to do this for you. Once your carpet is protected spills and accidents are removed with ease. The protector will also help against soiling in general.

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