The Best Carpet and Fabric Freshener Ever

Smoke, cooking, pets, accidents, damp, are all unwanted bad smells in the home. How would you like a safe, non staining carpet and fabric freshener. Guaranteed to make your home smell amazing. Chop and change the fragrance as often as you like. Never run out again! Oh…..and you will save money.

Here’s What You Need

  • Measuring jug
  • spray bottle or bottles – 750ml or 1 litre.
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Plain water or you can use distilled.
  • Lemon & lime air freshener (to replace water for a really good base) – highly recommended
  • Fragrance Oil – we highly recommend this seller on eBay

You can get most of these items on eBay for a really good price. If you are serious about making several different fragrances then get a few spray bottles, 1 litre of Polysorbate 20, 5 litres of lemon & lime air freshener, and finally your fragrance oils. All of this will last for some time.

How To Make Carpet Freshener

To make 1 litre – Real simple! Add 100ml of fragrance oil and 100ml of polysorbate 20. Mix well. Pour in the spray bottle and top up with lemon and lime or plain water. Screw on the spray top and shake well. If you are making up a 750ml spray then add 75ml of oil and 75ml of polysorbate (which helps the oil mix with the water).

The carpet and fabric freshener can be used straight away but the longer you leave it the better it smells. Simply shake it occasionally. There are many different fragrance oils. We recommend you try Fresh Linen and Musk (not together).

How To Use?

If your carpets and fabrics are water cleanable then this spray is safe. Always test first. Spray directly onto carpets and fabrics, spray into the air. ENJOY and please leave your comments.

One Last Tip

You can put some of the liquid in a Radiator Humidifier and as the radiator heats so does the liquid. Result equals a very pleasant room freshener.

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