Why You Should Never Fit Cheap Carpets In Rental Properties


Take it from the experts…..that’s us by the way! NEVER fit cheap carpets in rental properties. We see what happens to rental carpets most days. It’s the main part of our business – end of tenancy carpet cleaning. When we say “cheap” what we really mean is low quality, because it doesn’t wear well, clean well, or take staining very well. A few months down the line it will show years of abuse. You will end up replacing more often and spending just as much as quality carpeting. It’s false economy people! OH – and leave wool on the sheep not in your rental.

Types of Carpet for Rental Properties

Fit hard-wearing low profile carpets. The very best is commercial carpet. It will last 20 years plus. Serious! Look on eBay for rolls or pieces (I have no affiliation with eBay). Use with or without underlay. Buy that also from the eBay. Hire a carpet fitter and you will save a small fortune.

Commercial carpet comes in many styles and colours. It is extremely hard-wearing and stain resistant. Think about how many people walk in a busy office. I have seen commercial carpet 30+ years old that cleans well. It looks really good in a residential property, especially if fitted all the way through and in the same colour. You can clean and clean and clean and clean it – all day long! Note: Most landlords expect carpets to be cleaned end of tenancy.

Why Should You Never Fit Wool or Wool Mix Carpets

I’m not against wool carpets as they are very nice in the home – BUT – wool carpets need looking after and most tenants will not do that.
Wool needs people to: be extra careful when carpet cleaning, vacuum on a regular basis (especially round the edges), be extra careful not to spill or drop anything that will stain (and that’s a big list), be vigilant for carpet beetle and moth (they LOVE wool), not wear dirty shoes or black socks, be careful when moving large furniture, not use harsh stain removers (and that’s most stain removers on the supermarket shelf), never let pets or humans soil it!!!

In Summary

Weigh up the costs. Cheap carpets or commercial grade carpets. Cheap will last a few years (if lucky), commercial carpets last at least 15-20 years and longer if cleaned regularly. You can abuse commercial carpets, they love it! I would fit a dark blue, grey or black. Avoid light colours. Do your homework and ask for a sample.

Commercial Grade Carpet

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